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Runescape Premier Club FAQ

Q: Where can I purchase the Premier Club membership and how much does it cost?

To purchase, see what the packages we have to offer and how much they cost look here!

Q: Can I purchase the Premier Package with bonds?

You will be able to from the 11th December and using bonds the packages cost the following amount:-

Bronze - 6 bonds

Silver - 12 bonds

Runescape Gold - 24 bonds

Q: How long is the Premier Club packages on sale for?

They will be on sale until at least the 31st January 2014.

Q: Why am I getting 4 spins a day? 

Players who purchased Gold packages last year may have a short overlap of spin bonuses, resulting in an extra spin from the old package and another extra spin from the new one. This will end when your last membership package expires, and you’ll go back to 3 spins until this Premier package expires. 

Q: I’m trying to find the VIP world for my language (not EN), but it’s not there! 

There is one VIP world on EN servers only. If you normally play on a localised world, you’ll need to play in English to enjoy the VIP server.

Q: I’m trying to buy a Premier package, but the 'purchase' option isn’t available? 

This is likely because you’re using an old subscription, paying for both FunOrb and RuneScape memberships with one payment. If this is true, that subscription needs to be cancelled before you can snap up one of the Premier Club packages!

Q: Doesn’t the Chat badge look like a PMod Crown? I don’t want to get confused between them!

PMods who purchase the Premier Club Gold package will have the option to choose between their normal silver PMod crown, or a silver star badge which will have an 'M' in it. They will still always have a silver icon next to their name, and JMods will always have the Gold crown. Normal players with Gold Premier Club membership will have a blue star badge, with no modifications. 

Q: How long will I keep my chat and forum Badge?

The badges will remain useable on your account for the duration of the Premier membership - when it runs out, the badges will be unavailable.

Q: Why are there no RuneCoins on the Premier Club package this year?

We looked at what players used from last years Premier packages and we did see that although some people did use up the RuneCoins which came with the package that the significant majority of players still have these left over. 

We have introduced a number of options available to players on the Solomon's store available to buy with loyalty points, the most recent retro overrides as an example. 

We will continue to add a number of items to the Solomon's store which you will be able to purchase with loyalty points. 

Also you never know what else we have in store for next year, new auras including tier 5!

With Bonds now in game players can use their ingame wealth to convert Bonds into RuneCoins which they can use purchase those which can't be bought with loyalty points alone.

Q: If I buy one of the Premier packages what happens to my membership recurring rate?

If you purchase one of our Premier Club packages this will freeze your current membership subscription rate. 

So when the package runs out if you continue a recurring membership this will be at the same rate you previously paid before adding the Premier membership. So long as you renew membership within the 7 days of loosing Premier membership. 

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