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Runescape Powerleveling Great achievement in past 2016 Summer
We are very proud to announce that over 600 powerleveling orders completed by our team in 2016 summer by 15 gamers manual way. and none of these runescape accounts got banned during the runescape powerleveling. Comapring with other sites that use bot to do the training, we 've made a outstanding achievement.
What we have achieved:
There are over 600 runescape powerleveling orders completed including Oldschool runescape skills training, fire cape, torso, Quests training, and other quests. We helped hundreds of people made their accounts to be 99attack, 99strenght, 99defense. And over 3000 + oldschool runescape gold orders completed in 2016 summer. we traded over 120 Billion osrs 07 gold to runescape gold buyers.
What do people mostly buy for the oldschool ruenscape powerleveling:
Runescape oldschool 99attack/99strength/99defense packages
1-99 ranged powerleveling special packagefor 1 defense only 300USD
What you need to be caution to buy runescape powerleveling:
When you place the order for oldschool runescape, you need to fill correct log in user name and password, do not put your Rs in game display name as the log in user. And also, please realize when we do the powerleveling runescape, we arrange real gamer to do the manual way to train each account skills, quest, so we want every customer change password to new one right after training completed. In case if your account lose items in the future,  we don't want to be involved of "item stolen" issue, so you must change the password to new one that only known by yourself, so that we can assure it has nothing to do with us if account items gone. Thanks for your understanding.

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