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Runescape Power to the Players - FAQ

Q: Once a piece of content has been polled, will that same piece then be polled again in future regarding sub-pieces of content within it? For example, polling the skill alone in a future pole to see what sort of armour we would like to upgrade at a particular level?
Mod Osborne: Once a Runescape Power to the Player poll has finished, that's only the beginning! We will be polling you on other elements of the update, so they are tailor-made for you, and by you. Expect polls in February that do just that. You can also expect progress-reports on content that has been commissioned by earlier polls.

Q: Could you please add a total level requirement of some sort to vote on the polls?
Mod Osborne: If you are a paying member of the game, it's our belief that they should get a say in the content that we produce.

Q: Excluding the dragonstone poll, will all content in the polls (diamond and ruby) be out the following month?
Mod Osborne: No. In many instances, the content in dragonstone, diamond or ruby polls will be released later in the year.

Q: Could we poll player suggestions in the future? There has been plenty of awesome content suggested on the forums that has never been implemented, and it's a shame to see all the good ideas thrown away.
Mod Osborne: Absolutely! We are putting together a Player Suggestion Poll for February. If it's successful, you can be sure to see more of them!

Q: What chances are for the player-designed polls to be polled? It would be nice to know whether our polls will be actually considered or are we just being ignored.
Mod Osborne: As I mentioned above, there will be a Player Suggestion Poll in February. The player who suggested the idea will be thanked in the poll, and we might well be in touch with that player to inform the content's design!

Q: Why did you choose to name the poll tiers after gem types? Does this mean there will be future poll types like onyx, emerald, sapphire, etc?
Mod Osborne: We wanted to make the poll tiers memorable, Runescapey and visual. We also wanted an icon that would fit the small tabs on the side of the Power to the Players poll interface. The RuneScape gems talked all our boxes.

It's a valid point that onyx is a higher tier than dragonstone, but we thought 'dragonstone' sounded and looked cooler (plus it's snazzy purple, rather than a slightly dull black). We have no plans for onyx polls at the moment, and we are happy with the three tiers that we have.

Q: What will happen to the update that loses the current dragonstone poll?
Mod Osborne: The intention of the Elf City vs Inventor dragonstone poll is to determine the next major update that we work on. The losing option will be made after the completion of the winning option. It will not be discarded and forgotten about - it is merely placed further back on our release schedule.

Q: When can we expect to see polls on combat changes and PvP upgrades?
Mod Osborne: Combat will central to at least a couple of polls in February

Q: Will we be seeing this sort of system in other updates (such as February or March)?
Mod Osborne: As far as we are concerned, Power to the Players is here to stay. You can expect regular polls from here on out.

Q: Will Gnomes vs. Pirates be polled again?
Mod Osborne: It is very possible. We have allocated slots in our release schedule for quests that are determined by you.

Q: Are you planning to make quest polls in the future?
Mod Osborne: As mentioned above, we have allocated slots in our quest release schedule for you to fill. It's our intention to poll you on the quest's main theme, as well as other details, such as rewards.

Q: Besides things like Squeal of Fortune, Solomon Store and Bonds that are necessary to the game, what other content is excluded from the polls?
Mod Osborne: We wouldn't dismiss the possibility of polling Solomon's Store updates, particularly if the content is available for loyalty store points.

Q: Can we have polls for Solomon outfits?
Mod Osborne: As mentioned above, we would consider polling Solomon's Store releases. Ideally, that content would be available for purchase with loyalty points.

Q: How many dragonstone polls are you planning to make this year?
Mod Osborne: You can expect at least 12 dragonstone polls this year. Our aim is to increase that number beyond 12: in February we are hoping to release two dragonstone polls, for example.

Q: The winner of the Dragonstone poll should be released in July or August. Where does that put the second update in terms of a release date?
Mod Osborne: All we can say is that work is likely to begin on the second update once the first update has been released in its entirety.

Q: How can you re-assure us that in a span of 7-8 months time, the quality of the dragonstone update will be high? Creating the whole Elven City, quest, achievement diary and training methods surely takes a lot more time.
Mod Osborne: It certainly will take a lot of elbow grease! We are planning to allocate a hefty number of developers, designers, testers and artists to the winning update. We are also planning to release the winning update in batches. For example, if the Elf City were to win, we would likely release the grandmaster quest, then the city in a couple of batches. These updates would likely span a month to two months. By doing these things, and polling you on aspects of the winning topic as we go, you should be receiving a Bobby Dazzler of an update!

Hati & Sköll - FAQ

Q: Why doesn't Fenrir, the father of Hati and Sköll, appear this year with his children?
Mod John A: We've already got two big scary wolves - we wanted to do something other than just add a third.

Q: Why did you choose to release a spear and helmet from Eir instead of finishing off the Hati and Sköll set with something for our top and leg armour slots?
Mod John A: Not every set needs to be completed in the same way. The existing Hati/Sköll items look good on their own, so we wanted to do something different.

Q: Why activate the Hati & Sköll update on Thursday instead of straight-up giving it to us on Monday alongside the new poll system?
Mod John A: We wanted it to activate on the same date each year.

Q: Why do we have to pick one skill choice from each list for bonus XP instead of being able to allocate it into difference fractions of the runescape skills?
Mod John A: We wanted bonus XP items to work in a consistent, simple way, and to give you a single, interesting choice.

Q: Does Eir serve the same role for the Fremennik afterlife that Death serves for Gielinor's?
Mod John A: We hadn't thought of that, but it's a cool idea so I'm going to say yes.

Q: Does the "End of All Things" feature in the last Fremennik quest?
Mod John A: Even Eir does not know when the End of All Things will come.

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