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Runescape Players Can Vote For What They Want!

Hey fellow Runescape fans, first thing be sure to look at our special offers where you can buy Cheap Runescape Gold for just crazy low prices! While we love offering you this low priced RS Gold, we also love to share anything we find out about the game with you guys and we found something out pretty cool.

Runescape Players Can Vote For What They Want

In the past, Jagex has had a special area on their site called Player Power where Runescape players could vote on different aspects of the game. So far in 2017, there have only been a handful of these, but on September 4th, Jagex is bringing this back and once again letting us players of the game vote on what we would like to see in the game.

Apart from knowing that this is going to be going down on September the 4th. Jagex has not really said exactly what it is going to be we are all getting the chance to vote on. But we are very excited. It could be something huge and game changing or it could be something as simple as a change to the user interface. No matter what it is, we really hope that this is going to be something that Jagex keep up with in 2017, going into 2018.

We have a feeling that when Runescape goes mobile that this is something Jagex will really expand upon as it may be a lot easier for some people to quickly answer some questions or vote in a poll that can shape the future of the game.

What are you guys thoughts on this new poll coming to Player Power and what do you hope it is going to be for? Thanks for reading and do yourself a favor by saving some money and checking out our Runescape3 Gold.

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