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Runescape Player suggestions

Power to the Players is all about handing over the reins and allowing you do decide the direction of your game. This includes taking your ideas and suggestions, polling them and putting them into the game!

The plan is to release a player suggestion poll, dedicated solely to your ideas. You will then get to vote on your favourite option, which will be made by us and released for everyone to enjoy!. Over the months, we want to implement loads of your ideas, and this poll is just the first of many.

We have collected together some fantastic suggestions so far, but we want more! For the upcoming poll, your idea/s should fit the following criteria:

• It should support a main game update, but it should not be the size of a main game update itself. Quests, minigames or skill reworks are too big.
• It should be substantial enough to demand inclusion in the main game newspost, and not just patch notes.
• It should be desirable to a substantial group of players.
• It should add content, rather than remove it.

To give you examples from current suggestions, this could include a new POH hotspot, capes to commemorate a particular achievement, new dragon items, new agility shortcuts, or additional god emissaries.

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