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Runescape Patch Notes For 22nd May 2017

Here at, we are more than just offering you the best place online to buy rs gold. We also like to share information and our opinion on Runescape as we are huge fans of the game ourselves. Well, just the other day, new patch notes were released and we thought we would take a look at a few of the things that caught our eye.

Runescape Patch Notes For 22nd May 2017

Explorer Jack: Explorer Jack will once again give out rewards to players for completing area achievements.

Mahjjarrat Aura Buff: There was a 5 percent damage increase buff for this that was taken away, well now it is back.

Strykewyrm Attack Range: Their range has been increased so you can no longer cheap shot them from a distance (damn this is a bad one)

15 Percent Damage: The Berserker, Maniacal and The Reckless auras 15 percent extra damage they take can no longer be avoided.

Trollheim Patch: Compost can now be added to Trollheim Patches, even if they have something already growing in it.

Luck Of The Dwarves Ring Update: This one is really cool! The Luck Of The Dwarves Ring not only gives you luck. You can now use it to teleport to The Grand Exchange or Miscellania.

For the full list of Runescape, May 2017 patch notes head over to the Runescape Patch Notes Forum Thread where you can see each and every little change.

While not the biggest update, we feel that the few changes they have made are for the better and will make the game a more enjoyable experience overall, but we would love to hear your opinions on this patch in the comments section below. Also, take the time to check out our amazing deals on Runescape Gold and save yourself some serious money!

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