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Runescape New Construction Room:Rotunda

I like many players of Runescape, have a lot of armor and weaponry that are simply decorative. Gold armor, Rune God armor, and Dragonbone accessories to name a few. I love them, they are purely cosmetic but the trouble and adventure to get them was entertaining and fun. The trouble is, there are so many that even our friends and clan rarely get to see all of it. One fun thing about the house is the armor stands on either side of the stairs and displays around the Skill Hall. It shows the armor we have, limited to the size of the room and what rs 2007 items but still there. 

The room I would like to see would be a museum of sorts, an extra large room (more on that later) that is surrounded by displays to choose from. The displays could start with wall mounted mounted weapon displays, like the one for Silverlight in the Skill Hall with the mannequins, then racks for several weapons with customizable orders of the weapons and styles, and progressing all the way to mannequins with full armor, shield on back, at side, or at feet and weapon behind, on back, side, and such. There are a load of possibilities for the display of our armor and weapons. I would like any options for what to put together, just equip the mannequin like our person and choose the display of each piece.

As for that extra large room, I want to make the suggestion of making it a large circular room, with a diameter equivalent of about 1.5-2 times the size of current rooms (which I make out to about 8-10m by 8-10m) and circular. I would love it if the displays would be around the border of the room. the center could be displays of different origins, such as displays for the defeat of certain bosses, accomplishment of certain quests, and 99+ of skills. I would love if I could show a memento of the death of Vorago, a symbol or statue of the accomplishment of a quest full story to my friends at a random house party I decided to throw or just to admire in my free time.

Displays could start with the glass cases for jewelry and runes like we have in the Skill Hall. Progression from them all the way to statues and other 3-D displays. It would be great to see a display for some of the great achievements of Runescape and the customization of many of them around the entire Rotunda would be great fun.

I would like a manequin of my full lower value dragon equipment. Dragon Med Helm, Dragon Chain, Dragon Plate or Skirt, and Dragon Square Shield. I would like that right next to one with a Dragon Full Helm, Dragon Platebody, Dragon Legs, and Dragon Kiteshield. Dragon Gloves and/or Boots could be included as well. A mannequin with the Dragon Bone accessorized Plate Armor and Dragon'hai Robes would be nice as well. I am imagining all of my decorative armor surrounding statues of my accomplishments. 

One thing I did not mention yet would be the customize option in detail. the ghoulish mask, the Christmas Pudding Head, and many other slightly funny or entertaining options would be fun to add. My personal fun is the Ghoulish mask on top of the Necromancer Robes. It looks very cool and slightly spooky. Making a few cool or comedic combinations would add to the fun.

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