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Runescape Minimap Icon Improvements

The minimap icons have provoked a lot of discussion, and we'd like to revise the icons you find most contentious. From reading your feedback, these seem to be the top requests:

1) bank - Due to popular demand, we'll be change this back to a $ symbol. We found the previous $ icon compounded confusion over the function of banks for new players, who associated banks with saving and exchanging money. We felt that a bank chest better reflected the actual purpose of banks - to store excess items.

We're willing to revert this to a $ symbol as a last resort, but would prefer to make the bank chest symbol more meaningful (eg make the lid and clasp more distinct) by improving it with your help.

2) water source - the intention was to use the icon frame as a container for the water, in a similar manner to the sandpit icon.Thanks to your feedback, we're going to return to a large water drop.

3) transportation - While abstract, the horizontal arrow is what a lot of players are accustomed to, and supports a wide range of transport methods. We'll bring a horizontal arrow back into the design. the previous icon was a horizontal arrow, which we felt was rather abstract, particularly as there are several other icons, such as shortcuts and dungeon entrances, that include an arrow. We went with a ship's wheel as the greater majority of transports marked on the surface map are by ship.

At reduced scale, the ship’s wheel is quite difficult to distinguish from a spinning wheel and other circular icons, so we want to change that. Again, we'll return to an arrow if a better solution can't be found.

4) mining site - Thanks to your suggestions, we'll incorporate a pickaxe back into this design. this used to be a pickaxe, but that symbol is already used by the mining shop. We opted to use an ore rock to symbolise the resource, and to be consistent with the symbols for other resources eg fish, trees.

Unfortunately mining rocks look like an amorphous chunk of rock even at game scale, but we'll improve the clarity of the icon. (It's been noted that the gold seam resembles an arrow, for example.) Suggestions welcome.

5) farming patch - this can easily be confused with a wheat field, so we're considering alternatives - perhaps an ear of corn, fruit or watering can. Watering can seems to be the most popular suggestion.

Bear in mind that we'll only have a UI artist on this project for a couple of days, so the changes will have to be targeted on the icons which will make the biggest difference to you.

Any remaining time he has until Wednesday will be spent tweaking the other icons so they're clearer at a reduced scale than originally intended (the icons were scaled down on the minimap after release, by player request).

Finally, I've seen a lot of requests for an option to toggle between the new and old icons. That isn't possible in this case. The minimap is rendered by the engine with no facility to customise which icons it uses at runtime. The only content improvement we can make is to redraw the sprites it uses.

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