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Runescape Menaphos Summer Event Offering 3 For 2 Memberships!

Ok, so if you have been reading our blog posts lately you will no doubt have seen just how excited all of us in the office are over the Menaphos event that is happening this summer. First thing, we have made sure to have some amazing deals going to there has never been a better time to buy rs gold than right now.

Anyway, the mysterious gates to the golden city are about to open and many Runescape players are very excited by this. To get people even more into the next big thing in Runescape, Jagex has had some great promotions happening.

Runescape Menaphos

Today, we are talking about their 3 for 2 offer on memberships. In theory, this should last you the whole time the gates to the golden city are open. You are getting a whole month free which is a pretty sweet deal, you could use that money you are saving from the free month to buy Runescape Gold from us and use it to make sure you are as well prepared for what Menaphos is going to throw at you as possible.

We feel this promotion is a smart thing to do as it will entice older players who lost interest in the game to come back and new players who were on the fence about actually paying to play Runescape, may think this is too good a deal to pass up.

So let us know in the comments section down below what you think of this getting a month free offer. Also if you want more information about Menaphos, look back through our blog and check out the official Menaphos section of the Runescape site where you get all the info you need about the summer of fun that is coming.  

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