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Runescape Lost Grove Slayer Creatures!

As many of you, no doubt know there is a handful of new Slayer Creatures in The Lost Grove. The designs on these are really cool and we thought that today it would be fun if we took a closer look at each one. Thanks for reading and be sure to score some very cheap Runescape Gold from us!

Runescape Lost Grove Slayer Creatures


You need to be level 104 to do these guys. Out of the new Slayer Monsters that have been added to The Lost Grove. Vinecrawlers give you the most GP per hour if that is what you are looking for. We really like the design of these they are like some kind of tree dragon that you would see in a Tim Burton movie!

Bulbous Crawlers

Level 106 is what you need to be before you can start hunting down Bulbous Crawlers. If you are looking at GP and XP, these guys offer a pretty balanced amount so we are sure these are going to be very popular when people realize how to kill a load in a short time. They literally look like a walking tree which is kind of cool!

Moss Golems

In order to kill Moss Golems, you are going to need to be level 108. Out of the three new creatures, these guys will give you the most XP per hour. The design on these is very smart. They do have a kind of imposing look, but like most other things in The Lost Grove, they still have that kind of whimsical design about them.

What is your favorite out of the Lost Grove Slayer Creatures? Let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to give you guys hints and tips to take them all down in the coming weeks.

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