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Runescape Legacy mode is a waste

I anticipate much hate for this, so feel free to vent how I am kid and mad if you feel the need to. Otherwise, bring up some valid points so that we may discuss this.

I don't see Legacy Mode working in the long run. It's a short term solution disguised as a permanent fix to the loss of players/ resentment towards Jagex. Reading the forums, it seems like everyone has some beef with everything.

Without putting much biased I will explain what I foresee. Legacy Mode is just using up extra resources and time that could've been spent in developing future content. What good will come of Legacy Mode? It can't compete with EoC in terms of PvP or PvM. It's only purpose is to cater to a percentage of the community, similar to Old School RuneScape.

It's messy, how well can two different styles of combat work? In fact, it would have been easier to just design a Legacy Mode minigame, where players can enter an instanced location, like Bounty Hunter.

Jagex has been flip flopping on a lot of major decisions and inconsistency is not something the community enjoys. I think we all can say that a collective mass just hates change.

Sure, you can argue that the EoC change from before is what made "thousands" of runescape players quit. You're correct (although the numbers I'm unsure of) and I was one who quit because of it. I came back recently and have grown accustomed to Runescape EoC and see how it is superior gameplay. What are your thoughts?

see that's how you elaborate a point. But for every response there is an initial reaction right? However your point has truth. In response, the community would've continued the way it has been regardless of Legacy's release. I think the game needs to release more end-of-game content, more activities that are fun and not a grindfest, in order to maintain player satisfaction. Not nostalgia catering. From an earlier notion, why not have instanced minigames that allow Legacy Mode? I highly doubt players will use Legacy Mode for bosses when EoC results in easier, faster kills.

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