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Runescape Ironman Mode Summary

Following this week's Behind the Scenes video about Ironman Mode, we thought it'd be good to provide a summary of information for players looking for more details. 

Ironman Mode in inspired by the community created Ironman Challenge, which tasks players with creating a new character and playing entirely self sufficiently - with no help from other players. By creating an official mode we're able to provide proper in-game features, hiscores and a common ruleset for all participants.

Mod Ryan has put together this outline for Ironman Mode in RuneScape: 

- Self sufficient gameplay with minimal interaction with other players

- Available to both F2P and P2P players

- Ironman is activated upon account creation; existing accounts can't be converted

- Unique chat badges, one for Ironman and one for Hardcore Ironman

- Unique titles relating to the mode you’re playing in

- You cannot trade with other players 

- You cannot gain assistance from other players

- You cannot use the GE to buy any rs items except bonds

- A large amount of minigames that involve player interaction have been disabled

- Sinkholes and Warbands D&Ds are disabled

- Dungeoneering can only be soloed

- PvP XP is disabled

- Lootshare is disabled

- You cannot pick up items that other players have dropped or earned

- You only receive monster drops if you've done over 50% of the damage

- XP from monsters is awarded proportionally to your damage contribution

- Recruit a friend XP bonus will not work on an Ironman account

- Treasure Hunter is disabled

- Solomons store is still available

- Each mode has their own unique hiscores

- Ability to purchase disabler items at a cost that allows you to downgrade should you ever wish to (Hardcore Ironman > Ironman > Current gameplay)

- Bonds can be traded IN only, so earn membership from your main account

- Bonds can be purchased and redeemed for membership and runecoins but not Treasure Hunter keys

- Bonds cannot be sold but an Ironman can receive a bond from another player

- Secret button combination required on rs account creation to unlock the option to enable Ironman mode

Hardcore Ironman specific:

- Death is permanent, if you die you will no longer be able to log into game worlds (you can still talk in the lobby) 

- Death in a ‘safe area’ where you would normally respawn without losing any items or having a gravestone will not count as a real death in Hardcore ironman mode meaning you will respawn

- Ability to purchase extra lives at a cost: 1st purchase – 1000 level total and 100,000gp, 2nd purchase – 1600 level total and 10,000,000gp.

- You will not get a gravestone on death if you die and still have lives remaining…and that about sums it up! There's a bit more detail in our previous Ironman update thread if you've still got questions. 

The details for Ironman Mode in Old School RuneScape can be found in their recent devblog. 

Ironman Mode is entering closed beta testing next week, and you can get a preview by watching livestreams of our closed beta on the RuneScape channel on Monday. Beyond that, we are aiming for a launch some time in October - we hope you’re as excited as we are!

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