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Runescape Heist FAQ

Q: The time limit seems a bit too long. Can you reduce the 20-minute time limit of each game to make it a bit more frenetic and exciting?
Mod Chris L: As with many things we're watching the gameplay feedback closely and can change this if deemed too long. Don't forget competent team players can make the game last a shorter time by playing effectively as a team.

Q: Will there be an official Heist world?
Mod Chris L: Yes, we plan on adding a Heist world in the near future to help players group.

Q: Will there be different rewards for Heist in the future for those who don't want the XP, but would rather an item or cosmetic gear?
Mod Chris L: There are plans to extend the amount of rewards on offer in the future.

Q: Instead of bring out new mini-games, when will old ones be reworked?
Mod Chris L: We intend to support a variety of old minigames and you'll see them reworked this year.

Q: Why is Heist so terribly unbalanced in favour of guards? Guards can just camp the bank and jail making it impossible to play as a robber.
Mod Chris L: We are keeping an eye on team balance/gameplay and will be addressing some of these points today - keep an eye on the recent updates forums for the tweaks coming later.

Q: Don't you think 5 false accusations is too much for guards? They can fail as much as they want and leave jail easily if another guard camps the jail.
Mod Chris L: This will be reduced to 3 later today - and each guard will only be able to free other guards from internal affairs once a game.

Q: Is there a time penalty for leaving a game?
Mod Chris L: No, you just forfeit the rewards.

Q: Will you update Canifis on the main world with the amazing graphics used in Heist?
Mod Chris L: I'm glad you liked the Canifis map - there is some amazing concepts for a Canifis rework... in time!

Q: Can you make it so Heist can award Thieving and Hunter 'Shattered Hearts' rocks upon completion of a round?
Mod Chris L: We can investigate.

Q: Why is the airship powered by a cow wheel? Doesn't that devalue the Zanaris cow wheel?
Mod Chris L: For what it's worth, the cow wheel was from Ashdale and it was the Graphics team call!

Q: Could the boats for robbers be a safe spot during the mini-game?
Mod Chris L: No, there are offshore locations that robbers can use should they deem the main boat unsafe to deposit loot at.

Q: When playing as a guard,could there be a penalty for camping at the loot and the plank to the robbers' ship?
Mod Chris L: Again,you can camp this but there are alternative drop off points for the robbers to locate to avoid using the main ship.

Q: I really like the reward point system of Heist,which rewards you for active gameplay,rather than being on the winning side. Can we expect to see other mini-games,such as Castle Wars and Soul Wars, receive a similar reward point system?
Mod Chris L: There are currently no plans to roll out the reward system to other minigames.

Other FAQs

Q: Will F2P daily challenges only offer challenges F2P can do?
Mod ThatJim: No, F2P players will receive a mixture of F2P and Members challenges. Members challenges can still be completed up to level 5, but membership is required after that. We want to ensure members still get more out of challenges, but it is time all players got a slice of the action.

Q: The new lighting is too bright and hurts my eyes. Can we get the option to turn it off?
Mod ThatJim: We’re currently working on some tweaks to the upgraded lighting and colouring to the F2P areas of the overworld. The improvements to the way the world looks are intended to add greater depth and character, but we recognise that some areas need some finer tuning in order to work best on certain graphics settings. The option to toggle the new lighting is currently being considered, but we’d prefer to have a consistent style that best shows off the world of RuneScape without having different options between different players.

Q: Why is there a random gnome outpost in Burthorpe? No explanation is given for it, and it doesn't really fit in the area. Wasn't the Burthorpe Imperial Guard more fitting?
Mod ThatJim: The presence of the Troll war is being reduced with the removal of the old tutorial. With this in mind the heavy military presence in Burthorpe didn’t make much thematic sense anymore. Things like dying soldiers next to Christmas presents and random trolls spawning behind the Burthorpe defences undermined the theme of the area. To rectify this and provide a better area for banking, challenges and social interaction we felt Gnomes would be a good fit. The Gnomes bring an industrious ethos to the area, trading and collecting is in their nature was befitting of the theme we wanted to deliver with the new look challenge system introduction.

Q: Why is Challenge Mistress Fara using yet another new look for gnomes? What is your obsession with giving gnomes graphical updates? They looked fine after the first update!
Mod ThatJim: Challenge Mistress Fara was designed to fit the same style guide as other gnomes - she just has some peculiar fashion quirks to suit her personality. The gnome shopkeeper and banker are currently using existing gnome assets.

Q: Why has only the first half of Lumbridge Catacombs got new lighting?
Mod ThatJim: We plan to address the lower Lumbridge catacombs in a future update.

Q: Will Polly Pocket return Burthorpe Bank to its original owners? It had a much better lay out and it was a nice place to hang out!
Mod ThatJim: The new Gnome based bank is much better in its layout, orientation and accessibility than the previous bank. From the Lodestone you can now click on both the Challenge Master and the Bank without needing to move forward. With the mixed collection of blocking objects removed from the area it is much quicker to access your bank and proceed with skilling or challenges. In opening up the area we’ve also made it better to skill and socialise with more space to hang out and no need for lots of players to stand on top of each other in one spot.

Q: Why are white wolves invading Burthorpe now? What happened to the trolls?
Mod ThatJim: With reduced general emphasis on trolls in Burthorpe we have removed the random bands of them marauding around. In the short term we wanted to ensure you have mobs to grind against and being so close to the mountain we felt the White wolves would make the right substitute. We’re currently updating their models and animations so they fit better in the area and also look much more impressive overall.

Q: Where'd the moustached Corporal Boothe go?
Mod ThatJim: He has retired from military service, but the gnome shopkeeper will continue to sell the same stock. Corporal Boothe's brother remains in the troll cave to the north.

Q: Will the gnomes keep their building supplies with them or will they be removed in time?
Mod ThatJim: The Gnomes have just moved into the area so haven’t had a chance to tidy up yet. Their supplies will be removed in the coming weeks and replaced with more boxes of challenge items you’ve been collecting for them.

Q: Seeing that the troll issue is mostly dealt with, could the quests that involves Burthorpe and trolls (Wolf Whistle, Druidic Ritual, Death Plateau, Troll Stronghold, Edgar's Ruse) be marked with 5th Age?
Mod ThatJim: We hope to eventually review the quests in the Burthorpe/Taverley area, but there are a lot of other projects which we must first complete.

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