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Runescape Halloween 2017 Event

Hey guys today here at, We have some tips for you to help you find those pesky 10 ghosts that you need to find as part of the Runescape Halloween 2017 event! A few days ago we introduced OSRS Halloween 2017 Guide.

Runescape Halloween 2017 Event

Ghost 1:  For this ghost, you need food and a bucket of water and he is located in Edgeville. North of the Loadstone is where you will find him.

Ghost 2:  You need to solve the puzzle at the center of Canafis. You do this by taking away the 3 sheep that are just west of the instance.

Ghost 3:  Do not open the chest near Barrows and you get him.

Ghost 4:  East of Burgh De Rott there is a bunch of objects you need to make a clock. These are south of where you find the ghost.

Ghost 5:  South Of Varrock Loadstone, you will find a ghost who you need to follow into the café and then you need to pose in the mirror. Next, go to the room located North East in the café, click the wardrobe and once you have turned into a ghost, speak to the ghost who is in the south chamber.

Ghost 6:  Varrock Rune Shop is where he is and you do not need any special items.

Ghost 7:  Located just outside of the main Falador Gates. Go south of the Lodestone and accuse Daniel.

Ghost 8:  There is a slider puzzle in a small house that is just east of the West Bank in Ardy. Do the puzzle and the ghost is done.

Ghost 9:  Located in Daemonheim. You do not need any items, but you will need to have mined 3 ores as well as picked 3 cotton smith. You need to smith a Gatestone which ten you will use your Ring Of Kingship on and place it in the portal.

Ghost 10: This is a bit of a quiz/test and the answers are Fish Miller, I Know You Are Awake, The Afterlife, War, Alice, Faith, Puffball, Church and Abandoned. The order the questions will be asked is random, but these are all the answers.

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