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Runescape Gold 2014 pay more get less

The runescape gold package benefits for 2014 have been released. And they're awful compared to last year.

To recap what we had this past year:

12 months RuneScape membership.
10% discount in Solomon’s General Store.
An extra daily Squeal of Fortune spin (for a total of three).
Paladin armour and helmet, sword and shield.
Priority access to all RuneScape closed betas in 2013.
2000 RuneCoins.
A range of special cosmetic items.
Entry into a prize draw to win a trip for two to Jagex HQ (Cambridge, UK)*.
Quarterly Premier Club newsletter, packed with information and offers.

365 spins and 2000 rune coins made the package worth it all on their own. Throw in 12 months of membership and for *75 you have one hell of a good deal.

This year, the price was jacked up to 86.50, and yet the package is far less generous than last year.

This is the info shown about the Gold Package in 2014:

12 months RuneScape membership.
10% discount in Solomon's General Store.
Bonus Loyalty Points: 150,000
An extra daily Squeal of Fortune spin (for a total of three).
Exclusive Pet: Piggles the flying Pig
Exclusive Pet: Commander Porkins
VIP World access (EN only)
Exclusive Q/A's
VIP Chat Badge
VIP Forum Badge
2013/2014 Promotional Runescape Items

The big difference is that this year we aren't getting exclusive Beta access (probably because Jagex isn't planning on special Betas), and instead of 2000 runecoins we're getting 150k Loyalty Points. And we're getting some visual cues to show we're richer irl than everyone else in the game chat and the forums. Woop dee doo.

And Jagex has determined that this is somehow worth $11.50 more.

It isn't. Compared to last year, this year is awful. 150k loyalty points is the equivalent of about 400 runecoins. That is 1/5 of what we got last year. That removes $40 of value from the package.

If you're going to jack the price, Jagex, make it worth while. You haven't. There is no improved quality to this package compared to the last one.

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