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Runescape Going Like Clockwork Event Announced

Hey, guys as it is November, most stores have their Christmas stuff out and the TV is full of adverts for toys and gifts and the good folks at Jagex are also feeling the holiday cheer is upon us as they have just announced their latest Festive event, Going Like Clockwork.

Runescape Going Like Clockwork Event Announced

Santa is taking a break on the 13th of November all the way to the 26th so he can get ready for Christmas. Eira who is the head elf is the one left in charge, but there are some snow implings who are made that Santa is taking a break and they have taken it upon themselves to steal Santa's beloved clockwork toy, break it and scatter the pieces around Gielinor!

Of course, we cannot have Santa coming back to work and finding this! So that is why it is down to you to collect the 10 thousand (not a typo) pieces and take them back to Eira in Burthorpe before Santa gets back home!

This sounds like it is going to be an absolute blast! Each day things like PvM, daily challenges and skilling will get you pieces of Santa's clock. Catching those pesky snow implings who caused all this mess will also get some.

Save Santa his sensibilities by collecting all 10,000 clockwork pieces and returning them to Eira in Burthorpe before the boss returns. Skilling, PvM and completing Daily Challenges all yield pieces, as does catching snow implings. Don't fret, you'll be amply rewarded for your troubles!

One other thing that was mentioned and is worth checking out if you have taken up our offer of buying cheap rs gold is that they have mystery boxes for sale that contain the 2014-2015 Christmas items.

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