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Runescape Gamble causes Young man sent to jail

This is not first time that runescape lead young people to criminal, those young people stole money to buy runescape gold online for game gamble, and the gamble is the source of evil. In our country, Gamble is not allowed, government forbidden people doing any type of gamble as long as money involved. In past thousands of years, we are know gamble would destroy your life, your family, and everything.

But JAGEX, the Runescape maker from UK brought the gamble in game, and that made millions of young man touched gamble in real life, and gamble is addictive, when they lose 2007 runescape gold in game, they would spend real money to buy rs gold 2007 from legit site, and then they invest the money back to game gamble, then they became a gambler, when someday they don't have money to buy 07 rs gold, they would started to stole credit card from parents, other family members, or even roger from people in street. If you imagine this, you would feel this is very horrible. But jagex never take this as a serious problem. We 've seen lots of runescape players spent over $1000+ money to this game. Is this game really worthy for us to spend so much money? or we just got set up by jagex? we don't know, but i want many people realize, stake to win rs gold 2007 is high risky, we can pay some money to buy osrs 07 gold for game demand, but we shall not stake gold, that is gamble, and it will lead to us to criminal eventually.

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