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Runescape Fighting Revenants Tips

One of the cooler looking, but hard as nails enemies in Runescape are The Revenants. We had someone who took advantage of our Hot Sale to buy Runescape 3 Gold ask about how we go about taking down Revenants to get all the awesome stuff they drop. Well no matter if you are fighting the Revenant Demon, Cyclops, Hellhound or whatever, we have some tips for you that might make things that little bit easier for you.

Know Your Revenants

Each Revenant has their own health points and max hits. So make sure you know just how powerful the one you are facing is. As of right now the lowest HP a Revenant will have is 1500 and the highest is 10500! That is one heck of a difference and if you are not a high enough level and try taking on one of the more powerful ones, you are in big trouble. Weaker Revenants can be killed by basic attacks, but stronger ones like The Demon and other higher ones will require combos.

Kill Them Quickly

Ok so, you come here to buy RS Gold so you can buy all kinds of items in the game. But if you take too long to kill a Revenant, you will waste them. The reason for this is that each Revenant has 20 Food, which means they can heal themselves and just when you get them to half their health, they will start doing that. So no messing around, bring out the big moves early and kill them as quick as you can.

Watch Out For Other Players

You are at risk from other players when you are trying to kill Revenants which opens you up to a whole load of other problems. For example, dual wielding will take down a Revenant easier, but if another player kills you, you then lose two items. So as well as the Revenants, always remember other players are there too and they may try to take you down.

Revenants while offering great rewards can be a pain in the butt to deal with and there is a bit of trial and error with coming up with a suitable method to defeat them. Just make sure you are prepared as possible before you try and watch out for those other players. Thanks for reading and be sure to buy RS3 Gold while we have it so nice and cheap.

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