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Runescape F2P Hiscores FAQ

Q: Will we get a way to "hide" ourselves on the HiScores, or keep the viewing as private/friends only (like in our Adventurer Logs)?
Mod Rascasse: We have no plans to do this, the Hiscores are intended to be a table of all players who are active in RuneScape. Allowing players to hide themselves would mean that no one would know where they were in relation to all other active players, because they wouldn’t know how many people were hiding themselves or where they were in the table.

Q: Will F2P'ers be notified they are getting removed of the HiScores as a reminder: "Work to stay on the HiScores!"?
Mod Rascasse: 2)    You don’t need to work to stay on the Hiscores, you just need to log in once in a 90 day period. We don’t have any plans to notify players when they are about to be removed because the only way we could do this is by email.

Q: If a player buys membership or a bond once (and it ends and they end up being F2P), does that grant them the ability to never be deleted after 90 days?
Mod Rascasse: No, to remain on the Hiscores indefinitely without logging in to the game you need to be a member for the entire duration.

Q: Do F2P'ers have access to (all) Seasonal HiScores?
Mod Rascasse: Some of the seasonal Hiscores involve doing things that only members can do, so those ones will be restricted to members only.

Clan Messaging FAQ

Q: Will you update the clan interfaces to the latest NIS style (citadel, clan details & settings)?
Mod Maz: Some of the clan interfaces will be updated as part of the Clan Permissions rewrite project.

Q: Are there any plans to make a customisable filter for game and broadcast messages? For example, I am interested in seeing clan broadcasts but I don't care about random people maxing out.
Mod Maz: The two systems are unrelated and very different. I can only comment on the clan broadcasts. There are no plans to introduce a filter for clan broadcast messages.

Q: Why are the broadcasts white? Another colour would stand out more.
Mod Maz: There are future plans to enable clans to set their broadcast colour.

Q: What updates and improvements are next for clans?
Mod Maz: A rewrite of the way clan permissions interfaces work and the addition of new permissions.

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