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Runescape Devs Talk About If Inferno Is Too Difficult

We love the guys at Jagex and recently they did a developer Q&A which you can see on the Old School Runescape YouTube Channel. The whole video lasts around an hour and it is well worth checking out. Even if you just have it on in the background while you are playing some OSRS or just pottering around your house. Anyway one of the most interesting aspects of this Q&A was the talk about the difficulty level of Inferno.

The talk is that some folks in the Runescape community feel that it is a little bit on the hard side, with some people calling for it to be nerfed! We really hope that this does not happen as it is nice to see a really hardcore challenge, a challenge where the cape you get for doing it is pretty damn worth it in our opinion. Now, of course, Inferno has only been out a short while so no one has mastered it just yet. But we would assume in the coming weeks and months, gamers will figure out strategies and more efficient ways for getting to the end of it.

One of the things one of the devs mentions is that right now as no one is an expert at Inferno. Watching people just run in blind and try to power through it is a lot of fun and we would actually agree with that.

We understand that some people are having a hard time with Inferno (which includes us by the way) but we suggest that you do like we do and just stick with it, try and get a little further each time and when you do eventually do it, you will really feel like you earned that new cape!

Do you guys think that the difficulty should be toned down? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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