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Runescape Content That Is Forgotten About!

By now you should know that as well as offing you the safest place to buy Runescape Gold and Old School Runescape Gold. We are also huge fans of the game ourselves. With that being said. Today we are having a little fun looking at some of the Runescape content that is no more, either it is gone or just not very popular.

Runescape Content That Is Forgotten About!

Gnome Ball

In a just world, Gnome Ball would be a hugely popular side thing to do in Old School Runescape! Part dodgeball, part basketball, but full of Gnomes! Gnome Ball was a fun little mini game that sadly next to no one plays anymore as there are no good rewards for playing it.

Rat Pits

In theory, this is great. You have your cat and you bet against another player that your cat can catch more rats than theirs and the winner gets the rewards. Your cat can even die in this mini game, that is how hardcore it is. But sadly, playing this mode is such a chore. Just setting up a match is brutal and not many people are even interested when you get to one of the areas you can actually play it.

Burthorpe Games Room

When Burthorpe Games Room first opened it was kind of popular as players could hang out and play games like draughts and Runelink. It was a great idea, but it just dwindled in popularity over the years. Due to this, Jagex back in 2012 flat out said the Burthorpe Games Room would never be updated again. Leaving any Old School Runescape Players to just reminisce about the good times.

So that is our three, but what about you? What do you wish was more popular and is there anything you wish would be brought back to Runescape?

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