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Runescape Combat Triangle Suggestion

Right now, every monster has one weakness and you must use that combat style against that monster if you want to kill them properly.But what if we made it so you could use the same combat style against every monster?

Right now, the way the system works arbitrarily forces everyone to use all three combat styles. I feel that it would be better if you allowed more freedom of choice.For example, I really like Melee and wish I could use it everywhere without feeling like I'm forced to use Magic or Ranged. Same apply for Magic and Ranged.

I've got two ideas to propose:

1- Remove the concept of weaknesses completely in PvM. Allow all three combat styles to have the same accuracy on every monster.

2- Keep weaknesses, but make it so a certain monster has a ranged weakness, a melee weakness and a magic weakness. For example, Fire Giants could be weak to Slash, Water spells and bolts. You would be able to use slashing weapons, water spells or crossbows and have the same accuracy; if you used anything else, you would have the same accuracy decrease as you currently do for fighting, for example, a magic-based monster with melee.

The first case would truly allow more freedom of choice as you could literally use any weapon you liked, provided the weapon is of a high enough level to have enough accuracy (for example, Mature grotworms are Lv. 70 defence. You could use a Lv. 60 weapon and have okay-ish accuracy or a Lv. 70+ weapon and good accuracy, but you couldn't just go around and kill everything with bronze daggers.)

The second choice would essentially be similar to the first one, the main difference being that you have less freedom since you *must* use a certain type of weapon (ex: you would have reduced accuracy using a bow if the monster is bolt-weak.)

Now, I don't like that the current system *forces* you to use a certain combat style against certain monsters. However, I think that there could be some compromise.If we kept the monsters' attack styles as-is (ex: Blue dragons would still attack using Magic, Gargoyles would still attack with Melee, etc.), then certain combat styles would be better than the other two against that particular monster.

Basically, while you would be able to kill any monster with the same effectiveness whether you would be using Ranged, Melee or Magic, the monsters would all be using different attack styles.So if you wanted to kill Gargoyles with Ranged, you would have two options:

1- Kill them with ranged in full ranged attire and get hit relatively often due to melee being stronger against ranged.

2- Kill them with ranged, but wearing some pieces of magic armour in order to defend yourself better, but sacrificing some of your accuracy since you're wearing off-class equipment.

That way, instead of pretty much requiring you to kill Gargoyles with Magic, the game would gently nudge you towards using Magic for that slayer assignment.

If you were fighting a monster that fights with Melee, using Ranged, you would still be able to kill it with Ranged but you would either take more damage or be less accurate due to wearing Magic armor.All of this would only apply to PvM. In PvP, the current combat triangle restrictions would still apply.In the end, this would allow people more freedom, since they would be able to do all their slayer and general monster killing using only one combat style if they really like that particular combat style and would rather not be forced to use all three.

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