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Runescape Bots make the game better?

Bots bring more resources into the game, generate more revenue for jagex, and so much more. I've botted 15 99s and no ban so far, you just have to play on your account just enough so it won;t get detected. Its awesome really, I made over 90m with no work, gained over 125m exp, and 1600 total levels. and I sell rs gold. <3 Jagex can ban it, but will never stop it.

Because they are skills that are mostly known to be botted and 15 skills that's a lot. I didn't say you botted Firemaking, Woodcutting or cooking, i just assume you did it, because you don't like wasting time with clicking on a Tinderbox and a bunch of logs for like 90.000 times.

Runescape Bots

Is it really though? I have such amazing stats, over 750m bank (I do Player vs Monster/stake/risk fight for my cash as well), and I enjoy playing Runescape without even grinding a skill for hours on end. I just come back and I have the levels, and then I go right back to doing what's fun. And btw I've gotten my Combat skills to 99 without botting just afking at Nightmare Zone so that's how it's done aswell. Whose gonna know if my stats are botted or not? No one and everyone complements me for my hard work... I love it.

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