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Runescape Araxxor Weapons

Araxxor drops 6 rs items in total that make up the Tier 90 2-handed weapons.

1 - Top stick section.

2 - Middle stick section.

3 - Lower stick section.

4 - Melee Fang.

5 - Range Web.

6 - Mage Eye.

Each stick section is ONLY obtainable from one path. The top section from path 1, the middle section from path 2, the lower section from path 3. One of these paths will be inaccessible for four days at a time on a rotation basis. Meaning it will take a minimum of 4 days to obtain all 3 stick sections.

The Fang, Web and Eye are obtainable no matter which path you take. Which one you get is very slightly influenced by the combat type that Araxxor is while you fight Him.

If he is melee based, he is more inclined to drop the Fang, if he's Range based he's more inclined to drop the Web, if he's Mage based he's more inclined to drop the Eye.

The tier 90 weapon parts are confirmed to be; "really not that rare." I'm going to go out on a limb and say they are as uncommon as the Royal Crossbow Parts from Queen Black Dragon, but this is purely speculation. .

What is tradeable?

Each individual Stick Section is NOT tradeable.

The Eye, Fang and Web are NOT tradeable

A COMPLETED Stick IS tradeable. (Consisting of all 3 Sections)

A COMPLETED Weapon IS tradeable.

Additional Information.

Araxxor can only be fought by one person or a duo of people on each world.

Other runescape players who wish to fight Araxxor on that world must pay a 200,000 coin instance cost every time they wish to fight Araxxor. 

A 'secret' mechanic exists for when you die.

You cannot teleport away from Araxxor.

Araxxor gets more difficult with each kill you do. (Unconfirmed when the difficulty resets.)

If one player dies in a duo kill, Araxxor does not scale down to solo difficulty.

Each player gets their own individual loot after a duo kill.

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