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Runescape Account Security Week

We are huge fans of Runescape and we know what it is like to have your account compromised. It is actually one of the main reasons as to why we made it our mission to offer people a safe place to buy RS Gold online. But the good folks at Jagex have always been hard at work to make sure people's accounts are as safe as possible. Which is why along with the awesome, Countdown To Menaphos event they are also having a special "awareness" type deal called Account Security Week.

Runescape Account Security Week

We think this is really cool even if people do not get involved, but it just makes them think a little bit more about making sure their account is nice and secure.

So what is Account Security Week? Well as you probably know, the Jagex Account Guardian system is gone and now it is the Runescape Authenticator that is there to try and protect your account. We think the Runescape Authenticator is a great idea and anything that protects people's accounts gets a thumbs up from us. Anyway, to promote awareness of the Runescape Authenticator for one week only, Jagex has some special treats in store for you.

Each day you log in (up to the 21st of May) and have the Runescape Authenticator activated, you will get two additional treasure hunter keys. There is also an XP Lamp there waiting for you if you go and see Count Check.

We think this is a great idea and hopefully, it will make people take the security of their account more seriously. The full details of this event are on the Runescape Website.  As always let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out our deals on Runescape Gold.

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