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Runescape 3 Woodcutting Guide 2017

Hello, fellow Runescape fans, we know that many of us have our eyes on Runescape mobile, but today we have a quick guide on how you can go from 1-99 in Woodcutting. About Old School Runescape Woodcutting Guide You can chech here! Also as we are so excited for Runescape Mobile, here at We have made sure that we are the cheapest place to buy runescape gold.

Runescape 3 Woodcutting Guide 2017

Level 1-15:   Regular Trees

These can be found anywhere and you are looking at a rate of around 15 k XP per hour.

Level 15-30:  Oak Trees

Like Regular Trees, Oak Trees can be found pretty much anywhere in the game, but ones located close to a bank are near West Varrock Bank.

Level 30-35:  Willow Trees

Willow Trees are what you will be chopping down next and the best place to go for these is Draynor Village.

Level 35-47:  Teak Trees

These are located in Hardwood Grove. While the chopping is the same as always, you do require 100 Trading Sticks to enter the Grove.

Level 47-80:  Acadia Trees

Menaphos is where you will want to be for these. Once you reach level 80, you will start Crystalizing the Arcadia Trees.

Level 80-99:  Crystallize Acadia Trees

In order to do this, you will need to have done the Light Within Ques and have 88 Magic along with Ancient Magic's and Prayers. So you cast Crystallize on a tree and then you cut it. This is a quick way to get to 99, but it does require a bit of work along with some money as well.

One extra thing we want to mention is that it is important to upgrade your hatchet as you go as every few levels, you can actually get access to a better hatchet so be on the look for that. Also be sure to stock up on our cheap rs gold which is currently at an incredibly low price!

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