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Runescape 3 Money Making Methods using the DXP Weekend!

Money Making for DXP?

Inflated Money Makers? Taking Advantage Of The Panic!

Daily Runs

Daily Shop Runs Can Be Great, Especially Now.

I Have A Guide On Daily Runs

If You Need To Find Out More:

Feathers Are On The Rise Due To Headless Arrows

Broad Arrowheads On The Rise Because Of This Too

Yak-Hide Is On The Rise Due To Summoning


Doing Slaver In General Is Really Good Money Right Now Oue To All Of The Consistent Drops.

Drops Such As - Herbs, Logs, Ores, Bars, Hides Etc. Are At A Premium Right Now!

This Would Be The Perfect Time To Get Your Slayer To 99 Or 120 With The Upcoming Cap Increase!

Tanning Hides

Tanning Hides Makes A High Amount Of Money But Requires A Lot Of Start-Up Cash To Invest.

Due To The Announcement Of DXP The D-Leathers Rise Like Crazy, This Makes This Method Amazing.

Remember To Use A Portable Crafter! Friends Chat 'Portables'


My Black DracOnhide Tanning Test:

Money Spent On 2,000 Black D'Hide +20GP Per Tan 8,936,000 GP

2,000 Black Dragon Leather Solo Non-Instant At 9,250,000 GP

Time Taken?

2 Minutes 45 Seconds For 314,000 GP Total Profit 

Hourly Profit? 6,850,909 GP/HR

Unfinished Potions

If You Don'T Quite Have Enough Money To Invest In Tanning Hides Or You Want To Be More Afk, This Method Is Perfect For You.

Due To The Announcement Of Dxp The Unfinished Potions Rise, This Method Then Does Too.

User a Portable Well & Scroll Of Cleansing! Friends Chat 'Portables'


Mv Unfinished Toadflax Potion Test:

500 Clean ToadFlakx & 110 Procs = 610 Unf Potions

500 Clean Toaoflax + 610 Vials Of Water 3.216,191 GP

610 Unfinished Potions Solo Non-Instant At 4,196,800 GP

Time Taken?

11 Minutes 30 Seconds For 980,609 GP Total Profit

Hourly Profit? 5,116,221 GP/HR

Queen Black Dragon

Queen Black Dragon Is Super Consistent

I Have A Guide On The QBD. If Vou Need Help With It.

For High Eno Gear Set-Ups Vou Can Easily Gain Around 8-9M GP/HR While Doing Obd Right Now.

For Mid Leuel Gear Set-Ups You Can Still Easily Gain Around 5M GP/HR While Doing This Boss.

Honorable Mentions

Portable Sawmill, Mahoganv Logs -› Planks

Farming Doing Consistent Herb Runs

Training Divination & Selling The Energies Headless Arrows (Low Levels) 

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