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Runescape 3 Making Changes To Microtransactions

Hey guys thanks for reading our blog today and as thanks, check out our Cheap RS Gold so you can become even more powerful in the game! What we want to talk about today is microtransactions in Runescape.

This has been something that has angered many players for years now and microtransactions are such a huge part of gaming now that many people are starting to just get used to them! Well, many people in the Runescape community were anxiously waiting to see what Jagex was going to announce about microtransactions in Runescape.

Runescape 3 Making Changes To Microtransactions

Well, they basically have come out and said that they feel the promotions started to take over the game and they know that people were just buying their way into the game. The Prize Pool Promo is never coming back and in general, they are saying that they are keeping a close eye on the economy in the game to try and make sure that microtransactions do not cause a devastating impact.

They say there is no end to treasure Hunter promotions, but from what we gather, they are hoping to run them a bit better. To be honest with you with the big deal they made on Twitter about having an announcement, we thought there would be more to it, but that, of course, was not the case. Apart from no Prize Pool or second chance Tuesday happening for the rest of the year, we really do not see any big changes to the future of the game by what they announced.

What did you guys take from this? Do you think Jagex is going to pull back a bit on the microtransactions? Or do you think they will add even more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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