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Runescape 3 1-99 Firemaking Guide!

Thanks to everyone who has been coming here lately to buy runescape gold. Today we are sharing with you how you can go from 1 all the way to level 99 in firemaking! Runescape Firemaking cape Are Awesome!

Items That Will Come In Handy

How To Get Level 99 Firemaking?

1-99 Firemaking Guide

Here are some useful items that can help you get to level 99 firemaking.

Portable Brazier: You get two effects with these (as well as their bonfire style abilities too) which are 10 percent additional XP and 10 percent chance to save a log. You will be using a portable brazier to use all of the different logs in our guide down below.

Lighting The Beacons: If you complete the "All Fired Up Quest" you can, by lighting the beacons get Flame Gloves and the Ring Of Fire which can give you a 5% XP boost when they are used together.

Book Of Char: You can only make use of this once you reach level 75 firemaking. However, when activated, you can drop logs on the floor and when you step on them you get X2 firemaking XP for each one. You can use the Book Of Char once per day and you get around 3 minutes of use out of it. It can certainly help make those last few levels go a little faster and help break the monotony of burning logs on a portable brazier up a little bit.

Barbarian Assault: This will not be for everyone, but if you do the first 10 waves on hard mode, you can get a nice 1 mil bonus in firemaking. Of course, how easy this depends on the group you are in.

How To Get Level 99 Firemaking?

Levels 1-15

Normal Logs burning on your portable brazier are what you will be doing here. 43 logs will get you to level 15 and you will be looking at a loss of around 17,000 GP for doing this.

Levels 15-30

Oak Logs are what you will be burning on your portable brazier. 114 Logs will take you around 8 minutes and get you to level 30, costing you 14,000 GP as you do.

Levels 30-45

Willow Logs on a portable brazier. 403 logs will take you 25 minutes or so and get you to level 45. The cost of this is right around 12,000 GP.

Levels 45-60

Maple Logs are what you need to burn. 1,380 will get you to level 60, costing you 60,000 GP. You can actually burn 84,295 Maple Logs and get all the way to 99, but it is rather boring and it will cost you over 3 and a half million GP, no to mention take up to 90 hours!

Levels 60-75

Yew Logs and you need 3,375. This will cost you somewhere between 700 and 750 k GP. Again, you can get to level 99 using Yew Logs, but it will take you up to 55 hours and cost you as much as 10 million GP, so it is not really worth it, but it is an option.

Levels 75-90

Magic Logs (you can also use corrupted magic logs) are what you need and you need to use 11,723 on your portable brazier. 5.8 to 6.2 million GP is the cost and you are looking at around 13 hours of your time.

Levels 90-99

Elder Logs, using your portable brazier, you will need to use 15,020 at a cost of 80 to 85 million GP. At the most, you are looking at around 16 hours of work here.

We hope that this helps you get to level 99 firemaking and that you are not too put off by the cost of this method. Thanks for reading and if you are looking to buy rs3 gold let us know and we will make sure you get a great deal.

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