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Runescape 2017 Slayer Task Prefer List Suggestions

Hello friends we know that many of you do Slayer because of the XP and the money and that is awesome. Well today we thought we would have a little fun and share with you some of the things that we feel you should add to your prefer list.

Runescape 2017 Slayer Task

Rune Dragons

Rune Dragons are an awesome Runescape 2017 Slayer Task. This will be given to you from Morvan (like all the suggestions on our list) and you need level 45 – 74. You get a very respectable amount of XP and GP from this so it is well worth doing. Please note you will need dragon bane bolts to put these guys down.


With around 200 XP an hour and 2 million per task this is a fantastic Slayer Task and one we highly recommend that you add. To be assigned this task you will need to be 150 -180. Not the most exciting, but this is still very worth your time doing.

Abyssal Demons

These are one of the cooler looking enemies in Runescape and if you are 180 – 300 then you can add this to your Slayer Task prefer list. The XP is great here and you can just mow them down in the slayer tower Canifis without any real trouble.

Gamodermic Beasts

You can get assigned this between 85 – 110 and it is great if you want to rack up some serious XP and the GP is not too bad either. Polypore Dungeon is where these are located and if you want to take them down easily we recommend fire spells.

So that is just four of the many Slayer Tasks that are in Runescape 2017. We feel that these four are ideal for pretty much all players and will certainly help you get plenty of XP and GP.

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