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Runescape 2007 Client Of Kourend Quest

Hello, fellow Runescape players. We know that you come here to buy runescape gold at the best prices online, but as you know we also like to share our thoughts, opinions, and tips on modern and old school Runescape. Well, a couple of people in the office just got done with the latest Runescape 2007 quest, Client Of Kourend and we wanted to share our thoughts.

The story of the Client Of Kourend is not the most engaging we have come across in Old School Runescape. Basically, you need to go and talk to Veos, who you will find inside the Piscarillus House Port. He then tells you about a mysterious client who he is dealing with and asks if you will help him. There are no enemies to fight in this quest and most of what you do is going around Great Kourend, talking to all of the store owners in the area. The store owners you need to talk to are,

Leenz from the Piscarilius House

Horace from the Hosidius House

Jennifer from the Shayzien House

Munty from the Lovakengj House

Regath from the Arceuus House

Once you have spoken to all of these people you need to go back and talk to Veos….. which gets super weird! You do this and the quest is done, it is that simple.

A couple of the highlights in terms of rewards are 2 antique lamps, 1 quest point and double favor gain for all houses in greater Kourend.

The Client Of Kourend is a very easy quest. It starts off as not the most engaging quest in the world, but there is enough mystery and also a cliffhanger ending (who is the client Veos is dealing with?) that it does make you interested in a follow up to the quest which we hope is coming soon as many of the people in the 2007RunescapeGold office have been speculating just who is this mysterious Client Of Kourend?

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