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Runescape - Spring Fayre Event Guide

One of our favorite Runescape events to happen this year is the Spring Fayre. Basically, the Spring Fayre is a fun new event that makes earning XP extra fun by having special activities for you to do. As well as this there is some pretty cool loot up for grabs as well. So take a break from looking for RS Gold and check out our thoughts on the Runescape Spring Fayre.

It is worth noting that you get 100 tokens to use at the Spring Fayre each day, but you can spend some real money to get more if you want. Still, for most folks, you should be able to have a lot of fun with the free 100 you get.

It basically works like a real fayre. You play activities, win tickets and then use those tickets to get cool prizes. We had a good discussion in the office and have this fun top three list of our favorite Runescape Spring Faye Activities!

Runescape - Spring Fayre Event

Number 3: Dancing

We had to put this on here as it is just so damn weird. But your character actually enters a dance competition where you have to make sure you hit the right dance moves. It is weird, but it is also pretty funny.

Number 2: Agility Funhouse

What we like about this one is how it is more skill than luck based, you enter the fun house and then must make your way through it. Jumping, getting through things and just trying to get through it as quick as possible.

Number 1: Easter Egg Shy

This is not as rigged as the ones at real carnivals, we can tell you that! The idea is that you have to use a ball, cabbage or even a Chinchompa to knock down the Easter Eggs. Out of them, all this one had many of us saying "just one more try" and then we realized we had spent most of our tokens on just this!

So there is our top three, but we would love to know what you think of the Runescape Spring Fayre and what your favorite events are. Plus if you are on the lookout for Runescape Gold, be sure to check out our great deals. Hey, it may even come in handy for you to buy more tokens so you can play more games at the Fayre!

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