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Runefest Highlights

As you Runescape fans know, Runefest just recently happened and one of the best things that happen during Runefest is that we get some great news about new content and updates that are going to be coming to the world of Runescape. We have picked a few of the highlights that sparked our interest during Runefest 2017.

Runefest Highlights

New Clue Scrolls

For those of you who love to hunt for scrolls, Jagex announced that there would be a new Master Tier of scrolls for you guys to find. There is going to be some awesome loot to get if you can find these such as the awesome looking Second Age Outfits.

Magical Relics

One of the coolest things that Jagex said was that they are going to be adding a bunch of new skilling off hand items. What is interesting about this is that they are doing this in the form of these Magic Relics. Each of the relics is going to have a different kind of theme such as a sacrifice theme which will deal damage to you, but at the same time give you incredible buffs! We are very interested to hear more about these Magic Relics!

Combat Skilling Pets

You guys know how much the people in the office love their pets in Runescape. Well, there is a bunch more of them coming in the form of Combat Skilling Pets. What is pretty neat about this is that Jagex has said they took ideas from the community to design these pets. Our favorite is the kangaroo with the boxing gloves, who looks a bit like the character from Tekken!

That is just a small sample of the cool things that were announced at Runefest. You can see everything that was revealed over at the Official Runescape Site. So be sure to let us know what things you think look cool in the comments section down below.

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