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RuneScape had a great story


I see a lot of negative comments about EoC(Evolution of Combat), which is sad, not because I like it more than OSRS(Old School RuneScape), it's because of many of these "OSRS elite players" haven't even tried it. Some ppls say, that EoC is confusing, okay maybe so, but that doesn't mean it's bad game, it just means that you're lazy, because you never tried to learn how to play it. Some ppls call it "Wowscape", and only thing that i can say is that you have never tried wow either. Some (unfortunately too many) ppls call it "Easyscape" which i by the way found very fun, because i just don't understand what is the hard thing on OSRS? Yes, in Eoc Xp Rates are higher, but it doesn't make OSRS "hard", it just means that you need to No Life something like agility longer than in Eoc. Does that require any skills? No. What about combat system? How hard is it to get full voids Zammy spear decent stats and team for corp beast? It isn't hard at all. And killing corp is just whacking and Shark Brewing. Try to kill raids boss, Nex, Kalphite King, Vorago, rise of the six or Araxxi on your first attempt in Eoc w/o Elite Team and ill give you 50m for free. I have killed +100 Nexus and i still can everything in blood/ice phase. Same goes with Araxxi. In Rise of the Six and Raids you need 4/10 mans team, and if 1 guy everything, you're all bad. At Kalphite King 1 voke fail and you get instakilled. In Eoc lvl 96 regular slayer monsters needs more skills than hardest boss in OSRS. And don't missunderstand me, i don't hate OSRS, and if you like it more than EoC it's completely fine.

In my opinion, the worst thing about RuneScape community (not everyone..) is that they're afraid of changes and new contents. It's sad. What happens, when you get maxed and you've already done everything (in OSRS)? Do you kill that extremely challenging corp beast or maybe green drags? No, you quit. That is the problem with OSRS, there will be no new content, because of "we dont want easy Wowscape we wanna whack we pay we say!!1". But again, in Eoc there's plenty of things to do, even after Completionist cape (A friend of mine got max cape like 1-2 years ago and still plays evert day, and enjoys it), but that doesnt happen in OSRS.

Like i already said: If you like OSRS, fine, but if you hate Eoc, just give me a 1 good reason.

Also if I may add one last thing to my statement: The game is still being updated frequently and regularly with new content and other stuff. Both OSRS and RuneScape3 developpement Teams have been more than ever closer to the game's community to gain better feedback on what the players truly want to see being implemented in the game, as opposed to back then when Jagex just updated the game without ever asking the opinion of the community or whatsoever, resulting in deceiving most of the playerbase.

Runescape was truly a great game. Better equipment that you spent millions of gold on meant you were discouraged from experimenting, and it just felt kinda bad after a while. And the fact that it really doesn't take much skill. But we have to accept that just like  any other game, it could not have lasted forever. We should cherish the memories of the good times it brought us back in the day, and we should also recognize that while the golden age of runescape has passed, there are so many new, and exciting adventures on the horizon to be embarked upon. All it takes is an open mind, and a willingness to work hard at whatever your next endeavor may be. Good luck, and may the future hold greatness for all. Have a nice day.

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