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RuneScape got me addicted instantly

My number is 770. My story - I started playing in 2006. RuneScape got me addicted instantly, even though' i always hated it. Back in 2007 i was in institutions for kids, and some kids were playing it. It looked so old! Anyway, my best friend came home from a vacation from his cousin back in summer 2008. He told me and my other friend to check out RuneScape because his cousin made him try it. I was instantly hooked! Anyway, some months later, i was doing slayer, i played atleast 6 hours a day back then. I had Skeletal wyverns, and i didn't really know what drops they had. My first kill ever, i get a visage, and i was flipping out. I rushed to the G.E. to yell it to everyone and danced around in G.E. and people came and danced with me! Amazing times! I'm never forgetting it.

runescape wyverns

I have recently came back to RuneScape and am loving it as much as I did when I started ten years ago. My fondest old school memory happened shortly after I became a member. After my best friend in grade school got me hooked on the game, and playing everyday on dial up internet which my mom hated but allowed after 7pm every night when she got free cell phone minutes, I finally convinced her to let me get members. I would always play with my friend and typing in chat we would ask each other over to the others house to play sports outside or what not, which my mom was astonished by since she new we hadn't called each other to make plans. I was around lvl 30 melee stats when I made the jump to p2p and my friend was in the 40s and in full rune, which I was so jealous of being that it was the best gear f2p. Walking around varrock, I would notice high levels with this new weapon I never seen before, a whip. It was the coolest weapon ever and I could just imagine myself whipping hill giants or guards. Being that it was red though, and knowing a little about the next tier of weapons after rune, I assumed it was a dragon whip and that surely there were other types. So for weeks, with a combat level in the 30s, would ask someone to sell me an Addy whip. To this day I've never received my Addy whip, but it's funny to look back upon my noobness.

Nox staff: yo momma has 99 prayer from being on her knees all day.

My oldschool memory, is spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to do - because I had no guide to follow and would sometimes skip the NPC's dialogue, because I wanted to explore. I sometimes followed the crowd of players when I get lost and copy on what they're doing, such as mining, fishing and smithing. After gathering a few items and some wealth I decided to train some combat in my noob armor - when some random player said he will make my armor have rs gold trim, like the one he was wearing. He said it was also expensive so I could sell it if I level my defence to a higher level and wear rune.

I reluctantly traded my full bronze away, in hopes of getting rich and having runescape gold trim to make me stand out among the crowd of other players wearing bronze. When I traded, he immediately said "hahaha, sucker - thanks for the bronze N00B!" and logs out. At first, I was like wtf just happened? I spent all that time in getting full bronze and started to level my combat stats higher just to be taken away from me. I felt sad, but, nothing to do about it, so, I just raged quit for that day and reflect on how not to be scammed and not to trust other players saying "trimming armor".

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