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RuneScape Viewing Lunarfury Armour Set & Weapons Tier 1 & 2!

RuneScape Viewing Lunarfury Armour

We do not just offer the best place online to buy rs gold. We are also big fans of the game ourselves and sometimes something will be added that really does make us take notice. Just a few weeks ago (as of writing( Lunafury armor was added to the game. There is two tiers of Lunafury and today we are having a little look at them both and letting you know why we think they are so cool.

Lunafury Tier 1

You need Luna Spheres and to get these you can trade for them or you can collect them from treasure hunter. You need 42,000 Luna Spheres for the outfit and you then need another 24,000 Luna Spheres for the weapons. We just love the look of this outfit and think that the weapons also look cool, especially the staff, but what makes Lunafury Armor so cool is the way you can upgrade it to tier 2!

Lunafury Tier 2

To fully upgrade to Tier 2, you will need 35,000 Fortification Points. These are easy enough to come by, we found the easiest way was by just training mining and Runecrafting. But you can also get them by consuming Lunar Shards which by the time you read this may not actually be a possibility. Anyway the Lunafury Tier 2 is pretty damn awesome and some of the coolest looking armor in the game. If you wander into an area and are the only player wearing it, you really do stand out.

We know that this may not be for everyone, bit this Lunafury Armor is something that many of us thought looked really neat. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Lunafury Armor in the comments below.

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