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RuneScape Update Gielinorian Giving Event

Here at, we do not just love Runescape because we are the best place to buy Runescape Gold online. We love it because it is a fantastic game and the community and the team behind the game are awesome. There is a new event happening this May called, Gielinorian Giving.

RuneScape Update Gielinorian Giving Event

Jagex has teamed up with The Princes Trust, CPSL Mind, and the YMCA. The event is happening right now and is running until May 21st. We think this is great as mental health is something people need to take more serious and it is good to see Jagex doing their bit for charity and spreading the word on mental health to make people more aware.

Charity Coins are what this event is all about and you can hand in a maximum of 1000 Charity Coins each day the event is taking place. With some cool new items and a higher return for training, Prayer, Constitution, and Agility, Gielinorian Giving is an event that all of us Runescape players need to get involved with.

If you want all the details on the event and why Jagex are so determined to spread the word on mental health. Please check out the official Runescape website where you can get all of the details.

Us here at 2007runescapegold think that this event is fantastic and we wholeheartedly support it. So take a break from looking for all that rs gold and use your love of the game to help a good cause, because that is what this event is all about.

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