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RuneScape RIP Intercept

So for those who don't know, the most recent update changed the way intercept worked to prevent a person under the effects of intercept to cast it on someone else. Essentially, the technique of "intercept stalling" was an admittedly OP method for small teams at vorago (typically duo) and even in small hard mode teams or small raids teams.

While I understand that this technique, which essentially allowed a single person to block all damage for them and their partner for 23 seconds (combined with barricade) I do think we can reach compromise.

Perhaps a high level (over 99) perk could be made to allow people to intercept stall, perhaps at a somewhat reduced effectiveness for different tiers. My friends and I were talking about how this could be the ideal sink for seismics, which have completely lost their value. Currently seismics have no use for invention components, as there are exponentially cheaper components for rumbling. In this way, we could make vorago duos great again, while maintaining balance and sinking a three year old item that has flooded the market.

edit: tldr-int stalling as it was was OP (but fun af), i think it would maybe be nice to use invention to make a less good version of it with an expensive item sink. Or even make it possible to intercept other players while you are intercepted, while keeping the nerf on two people stalling.

duo vorago still requires a high amount of skill, int stalling just made duo on the end/scop much more efficient/faster, you rarely need much food for phase 5 regardless if you know what you're doing, which is where this method would used. duo has never really been about money making, on scop week w/intercept stalling if you and your partner are good it was actually quite efficient, but every other week trio or larger teams (where this method isn't really used) was much better. 

it also makes bomb tanking hardmode in larger teams much more annoying, so fewer people will be willing to bring along newcomers and will stick to smaller teams. 

if the issue is skilling vs pvm profit, i think a solution would be to make the armor from mining/smithing rework dissasemble into unique components impossible to obtain through pvm, meaning people would spend huge sums of money for those runescape items that can only be created by skillers.

Well part of why few people bring newer people to vorago is price of seismics is so low there isn't much point to doing more than trios. Giving them a useful perk would sink them at least a bit. 

The newer people comment was in reference to hard mode, which isn't changed much by this in a large team except that's it's now more effort for one bomb tank to intercept the whole team, and so it could potentially make it even less likely for people to help on learner teams, although it's fair to say this doesn't happen anyways. 

At the very least change it so a person so you can't be intercepted if you just cast intercept as the fix, that eliminates stalling but maintains convenience.

In the current economy a 189m split for a wand is almost nothing. For the average player it makes vorago un-viable because most normal drops will go to the BT/Base, and in a standard 5 man team that split, assuming an average drop rate, will barely cover supply costs. Obviously its not hard to do BT/Base with little to no food used, but the people who can do that don't generally go in average teams.

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