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RuneScape Deathmatch Feedback

Just some changes I think need to be implemented (even though they never will cuz lolfeedback).

1) Combat level Matchmaking:

PvP is supposed to be end game content. That is very nature of it in every MMO ever. However, other games have implemented ways to get more than just end-game players involved, by creating a level playing field with the only factor being skill.

My suggestion: treat the shard world similar to OSRS's tournament worlds. Level-up all players to max level and give them access to all max level weapons. Why? Other solutions would be to either create brackets for different combat level ranges, but players at the top of those brackets will still have a level advantage. This is also eliminates that damage scaling brought in WE2.

2) Reward Points:

The purpose of the minigame is to provide supplies for dangerous PvP. The reward costs are fine, but the points you get in the game need to be increased. It takes far too long to get enough points to gear up (armour & food + spare sets). An average player should be able to get ~150 points per game, not just the top scorers that usually end up being the same people every single game.

3) Piling. This is a big issue to me. The whole arena needs to be single combat. Clans are already setting up and dominating the game by piling people and teaming up, this is not in the spirit of this minigame. Its a Free-for-All not team deathmatch

Last thing, fix PvP combat.

In spite of potentially sounding like a pre-EoC ranter, the combat system needs changing. Combat is too fast paced and too complex. 

1) Get rid of the rock-paper-scissors core mechanic. The styles of combat should not be hard-counters of each other. At least not so based in accuracy.

2) Make the styles of combat be unique playstyles.

3) Abilities were great additions to combat, but basics shouldn't be the way to generate adrenaline. Create an auto-attack ability for each combat style, and make it the only source of adrenaline generation.

4) Rebalance abilities based on adrenaline costs.
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