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RuneScape Death Match I Told You So

I and others have been giving Mod Pi feedback on what would make a PvP minigame attractive to everyone for literally years now. He has ignored all of it.

We told him that a free for all format would just see solo players driven away by clans grouping together, and it's happening.

We told him that "kills = points" without any measure of how well you fought or what kind of opponent you were up against would lead to boosting as soon as it died down, and we were wrong - it only took 2 days for the boosting to start.

We told him that "kills = points" would lead to top level players picking on newcomers with lesser gear for the easy kills instead of seeking fights against people their own level, and that's what's happening.

We told him that brackets based on combat level were almost irrelevant, gear is both the hardest to get and the most significant bonus compared to just levels, but he made the brackets solely based on combat level so it's dominated by people with the best gear and others have nowhere they can compete.

We told him that if it was only rewarding for the top people, that the people who lose more often than they win would only get the rewards dreadfully slowly, then it would die out quickly, and that's what's happening.

We told him that if the rewards were all untradable, or one time unlocks, with no potential for ongoing gains, then most people will only play it until they've got the rewards they want, then leave forever, and that's what's happening.

Mod Pi could have seen all of this coming if only he read the multitude of threads he has set up over the years specifically asking for feedback.

Yet the single bit of feedback he took action on was removing a largely irrelevant reward, as if somehow not having the non-aggression item available in the reward store would fix all the other problems.

Worse, bulletproof solutions to all the problems RuneScape Deathmatch has, and Bounty Hunter will have, have been provided in detail, but continually ignored.

It *is* possible to prevent boosting by making fighting people who are trying against you more rewarding than people who aren't, the methods were explained, but Mod Pi didn't read them or didn't want to stop boosting.

It *is* possible for everyone to be rewarded for trying, for everyone to fight people of a similar ability, but these methods were not implemented, or will be undermined by other poor design choices in BH.

Either Mod Pi is too lazy to read the feedback he himself asked for, is too arrogant to think anyone knows more than him or that his ideas aren't perfect, or he actually *wants* PvP to never be rewarding for most people, to always be a case of experienced PvPers curb stomping noobs, and to never be successful.

Worst of all, when (it's no longer "if" ) RuneScape Deathmatch and Bounty Hunter fail to make PvP popular for the thousandth time, they have already said they will throw up their hands and give up trying to make PvP popular, without ever having tried the things that would make it popular, and consistently do in other games.

He'lll probably come up with some excuse like "Oh, Runescape just isn't really a PvP game, it's the community, it's anyone's fault but mine" but the real reason PvP isn't popular is because Mod Pi continually ignores people who explain to him all the reasons PvP isn't popular at the moment and all the ways those reasons could be fixed.

I don't really expect any responses, this is really just a rant, but if you'd like to discuss it you're welcome to.

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