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Removal of Unwanted P2P

I too am a pure f2p iron account. It's true as Draco says above that JMods have been saying just to stick to f2p worlds. The 'it'll be fine' part seems to be missing though. I have seen no assurance from anyone, Jmod or not, that there will be no indication anywhere that a f2p pure iron account who has only played on f2p servers has had members at some time as a result of this.

runescape p2p

On the contrary, I am told by others who seem to know more about these things than I do, that even if xp is only gained on f2p worlds while a member, that will show as xp gained in membership on our adventurers logs, which kinda scuppers the integrity of a pure f2p account.

I'd recommend doing what I am going to do, avoid logging into game at all on your f2p iron while those two weeks of free p2p for irons are happening. I've no idea if that will make a difference or not but I have my fingers crossed, and in the absence of an opt out option there's nothing else I can do.

Oh and by the way, if you haven't already seen it there's a jmod thread about this too, 'happy birthday ironman mode' or similar, in this forum. Do post your thoughts there too.

An aside, but good to know about that clan. Just today we had a player from osrs dropping in our f2p rs3 ironman friends chat, saying he couldn't find and osrs f2p iron chats. Now I know that, I'll be prepared for when it happens again, lol. 

Of course, if you're likely to be feeling ironmode withdrawal symptoms, you could always do as I intend to do, and create a disposable new iron account to play on for the duration of the forced p2p for irons. You've only got 5 hours left to do that in though I think. As for Arbre de Vie, she shall sleep safely in her two week hibernation until it's all over.

You may find the following helpful. I've only just done that on my rs account in the last few minutes, so I can't personally say if it will do the trick or not, but it's worth a try. Good luck!

Removal of Unwanted P2P

For those of us who have been given unwanted free membership on their pure f2p iron accounts, here’s what to do to request that it be removed.

1. Go to the main homepage of Runescape. 

2. On the top right corner of the site, click 'Support'.

3. Click on 'Payments and membership'.

4. Click on 'Transferring membership between accounts'.

5. Click 'Contact us'.

6. Login with your account details.

7. Skip everything and scroll down to the bottom - fill in your request to remove P2P from your runescape account.

8. Done!

It takes around 24 hours before you get a reply in your message centre.

( -> account -> login -> messages)

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