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Read this! So you don't get hacked In Old School Runescape!

We love Old School Runescape and we love nothing more than to offer you a safe place to buy Old School Runescape Gold online. For the most part in our years of playing and dealing with OSRS, most of the community has been awesome. We have met some great clients and made some very good friends. There is a real social aspect to the game and that is awesome, but more and more people are getting hacked, scammed and just downright ripped off and it sucks!

Well, we came across this fantastic video by YouTuber, Hoax Gamer who gives insight into how he got scammed by a person he thought was a friend and also he gives some great advice on ways you can avoid getting scammed. He comes across really well and is the kind of guy, we love to see be part of the Old School Runescape community.

As far as us here at 2007RunescapeGold go and how we would advise on avoiding getting scammed on OSRS. To borrow a line from Fox Mulder, we say Trust No One! Ok so that may be a little extreme, but certainly do not trust anyone with your account details, items and never, ever give another Old School Runescape player access to your computer. It can be hard when you think you have made a friend, but always use your brain! Never put yourself in a vulnerable position as sadly there are people just waiting to take advantage of you.

When you buy OSRS Gold from us, we are safe and sound (as you can see from our reviews) we like to think of ourselves as some of the good guys in the RS community and we would love to hear more tips and ideas for avoiding scammers from you guys.

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