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Read some facts about Jagex and RuneScape

I don't know whether you're trolling or being serious... Jagex never sold items such as swords, armours etc. As +Affliction RS said, it wasen't before 2012 when Jagex released Squeal Of Fortune, where you could win items. If Jagex sold items back in 2009, then Squeal Of Fortune wouldn't be released in the first place, and at the same time, I doubt that they would update Squeal Of Fortune onto Treasure Hunter.

Anyways, the only reason why Jagex released bonds were because many players abused the rules of RuneScape by Real-World trading, by for example buying rs gold online and items. And Jagex also released bonds so that players could have membership by paying via the game.

Anyways if you're too naive to agree with every single player that have been arguing with you about about that Jagex never sold items before they began to sell bonds, then I don't know. I would really recommend you to read some facts about Jagex and RuneScape. Or did you just figure out an exuce? You said first to the other guy that Jagex used to sell bonds to the kid who paid 140$ to buy weapons and armour, which is clearly real world trading, which Jagex also said that it is illegal. Then you made another exuce after the guy told you that there were no bonds back in the days. Which was that Jagex sold items and weapons back in the days, before bonds were released. And I doubt Jagex would've created something so-called bonds if they sold items and armours in the first place.

Squeal Of Fortune

I think you've either been on a private server for way too long, where you can pay to get instant items from the homepage itself. Or you're just new to the game. Or maybe you just didn't want to feel like a fool in front of the other people around here. Again, I don't know. 

Anyways, back to the point, I, myself and thousands other people has been, I have been playing since 2003, and the other thousands of players has been playing from 2003 and even before me. Many have the 10-years veteran cape in RuneScape. I don't remember hearing about JAGEX SELLING items such as weapons and armours. And I don't recall people who has been playing before me talking about buying stuff from Jagex. So I doubt that Jagex would do something such foolish as that from back in the days. Because Jagex always wanted the players to work hard by either skilling, bossing or pking to get their coins.

If you have any doubts, I'd be glad to read your opinions.

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