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RS3 is best for PvM and vast content OSRS is best for PvP and achieving goals

Each game has good things and bad things about them. Played off and on since 2002 came back to Runescape 3 and then a year later fell in love with old school. The popular opinion for those who've played both.

god wars dungeon

I wouldn't completely agree with the statement that Runescape 3 players are worse than OSRS(Old School RuneScape), but you definitely got some bad apples too. Just check the comments of some Runescape 3 videos touching upon the subject of OSRS. The trash talking about OSRS is quite astonishing. That being said, I find it childish that people keeps bashing on Runescape 3 and vice versa of course.

Maybe because a vast majority of their viewers are OSRS players? As for the livestream part, I don't watch the Runescape 3 streams so I won't pretend to know anything about it. If I were to guess tho, I'd say that because the OSRS viewerbase is so much larger than the Runescape 3 one, of course more people are going to be heard in the chat.

Runescape not true at all, legacy hits extremely strong to be so afk, after the buff many people even complained to nerf it back because it made rushing possible again. Legacy Destroys revolution with no thresholds in dps, while both require the same effort (afk). In a 1v1 a player on legacy can also 1 hit an Evolution of Combat player that has no counterplay to it, while Evolution of Combat has to micro manage and build adr before even having a chance for a kill, time by which the legacy player could have teled out already. Both are viable afk methods, if thats what youre worried about, and revolution without any manual input (no thresholds+) is way less dps than legacy alone. You can make the test yourself trying a Nex Solo in legacy and in revolution with no thresholds, see how it goes.

Honestly, I'd play OSRS but I don't want to spend the next few years grinding back to the 99s I have on Runescape 3, having so recently got back into RS it's actually not so confusing after like a couple days.. honestly I'm enjoying Runescape 3.. Because after I think 12 years of playing the game, it's nice to see how much has changed and how far it's come. I mean I remember when God Wars Dungeon was released and some people where terrified of going into the boss chambers, now I can take all 4 in one trip.

Before anyone starts spamming hate filled comments. No there's not much point to playing Runescape 3, but there also isn't a point to playing OSRS or any other game for that matter. Maybe you should stop and appreciate that they're practically two separate games that need each other.

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