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Quick Guide To Get The Lumberjack Outfit In Runescape

Many of us have really been putting a lot of time into Runescape lately. Judging by the interest in our low priced, Runescape Gold so have a lot of you! Well, today we want to share with you a fantastic guide we found that will get you the lumberjack outfit in record time!

You may be wondering just why the heck you would want the lumberjack outfit. But it is actually pretty damn useful. You get a 5 percent boost for wood cutting experience with it so it can come in very, very handy. Plus this guide we have here makes it very easy to do.

The Lumberjack Outfit Guide is brought to us by Runescape player, Maikeru RS. We love how easy he has made the guide to follow and the actual video takes about five minutes to watch. Doing his method to get the lumberjack outfit takes around an hour or so.

Quick Guide To Get The Lumberjack Outfit In Runescape

There are only two requirements to do this. First one is that you have to have finished The Darkness Of Hallowvale Quest. Which if you are at this point in the game, chances are you have done this already. Also, you will need to level 20 Rolayne Twickett. This is very, very easy to do and in the video, it is explained that just one run through Temple Trekking is all that is required to level him up. Speaking of which, Temple Trekking is what this guide is all about and while it can be a little annoying. It is still very easy to do and in a short amount of time, you will have a cool looking lumberjack outfit… which really could have done with having a big bushy lumberjack beard!

We love this guide and it is so easy to follow. We really think it is great when YouTubers get straight to the point in their guides and do not go on for an hour! Thanks for reading, make sure you check out the video and be sure to look at our very cheap RS Gold.

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