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Quick Cash And Quick XP Woodcutting OSRS Guide!

We all know that on paper, Woodcutting is not the most exciting skill to take to 99 in Old School Runescape, but it is actually pretty quick and easy to do as logs can get you some very nice XP and some very reasonable GP. Ok so it is not going to make you super rich, but the GP is enough that it makes your quest to get to level 99 at the very least profitable.

Quick Cash And Quick XP Woodcutting OSRS Guide

We have had a good look and found which logs give you the fastest XP and GP!

Fastest GP

Magic Logs: At 108 k per hour these are by far the most profitable logs. Which makes up for their rather weak XP per hour.

Yew Logs: Yew Logs may only give you 86 k per hour, but that is not bad really.

Willow Logs: Things take a real dip here as Willow Logs only give you 16.2 k GP per hour.

Maple Logs: Just behind willow at 15 k GP per hour are Maple logs.

Teak Logs: Coming in last with a big fat zero is Teak Logs that is right zero!

Fastest XP

Teak Logs: Teak make up for giving you zilch in the GP department by giving you the highest XP per hour at 68.8 k.

Willow Logs: The 54 k per hour in XP along with the not totally horrible money per hour put Willow Logs at second place.

Maple Logs: 37 k per hour is what you can expect if you spend your time farming for Maple Logs.

Yew Logs: Just a hair behind this is Yew Logs which can net you 33 k per hour.

Magic Logs: While Magic Logs may rake in the money, they only give you 27 k XP per hour.

So there you have it if you are thinking of making money from Woodcutting or just getting your Woodcutting up to 99, look at the XP and the GP that you can expect to make.

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