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Quick And Easy Herblore 1-99 Guide in OSRS

Hey, guys today we are not messing around, we are getting straight to business as we give the info you need to go from level 1 all the way to level 99 Herblore!

Quick And Easy Herblore 1-99 Guide

1-3: Do the Druidic Ritual Quest. It is easy and takes like five minutes.

3-26: Make Attack Potions. If you make 309 Attack Potions you get to 26, plus you can make up to 20k gp profit! You are looking at 8-10 minutes.

26-38: Make 292 Energy Potions. This takes about 8 minutes, but you will net around a 50-60 k loss.

38-45: Prayer Potions are what you will be making now, 324 of them to be exact. You are looking at around 10 minutes and once again you will be operating at a loss. A loss of no more than 40 k.

45-55: Make 956 Super Attack Potions. This will take you around 30 minutes but the good news is you will at the very worst break even or you might even make a little bit of profit!

55-76: Ok so we will tell you upfront that you can have a 1 million loss from this, but it is worth it as it jumps you up considerably. You need to make 8,508 Super Strength Potions which should take you no more than four hours.

76-88: 16,071 Super Magic Potions are what you will be making. This will take you up to 8 hours and can see you have up to a 10 million loss.

88-99: To get to level 99, you need to make 3,572 Overload Potions. You do this by putting all your extremes (1 of each, attack, strength, defense, magic, ranging and torstol) together.

This is not the cheapest method as it can cost you up to 212 million because of the Overload method. But if you want a quick way to get to level 99 Herblore, this is it.

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