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Pvp was NEVER that large a portion of the Runescape

Pkers just didn't realize how big the map was so they thought since their tiny part of the world was so full, the rest of the world was empty.

Problem was, that was only on one or two worlds, in one or two tiny parts, and the rest of the world outnumbered them 12 to 1. your very first post was all about how this would being skillers into the wild to feed pkers. that makes it all about skilling and that makes it a total fail.

Runescape Pkers

In case you don't know, people that do combat skills to kill monsters are also skillers. you want to being pvmers into the wild and they are by their very nature of the beast, skillers. I speak from surveys after surveys that have shown time and time again, we don't want to pk.

Well, you don't speak from any facts. you act as if I don't know what I speak of, but you speak from a point of view that is strictly in your own head. you want to believe it, but the fact remains, the term skiller, means someone that doesn't pk. that's what it has always meant.

When every jmod from Andrew on down to the newest hire believed that all the players wanted to pk, the term skiller was meant to be an insult. it was meant to designate someone that was too afraid to pk and too stupid to know the game was all about the gps. only after multiple surveys in 2007 did jagex find out that the majority of players were skillers, who did not go to the wild, who did not kill other players in the wild, dueling arena, castle wars or fight pit and who had not done so more than 5 times in their entire gaming history, on all their alts.

Multiple surveys since then has always (with the exceptions of one obviously faked poll) shown that non pkers out number pkers.

Pkers might skill, but by the very name, skillers don't pk. that is what separates skillers from pkers. if you pk, your a pker whether you skill or not. if you skill but don't pk, your a skiller. period.

As I said before, those things were ADDED because pkers cried "its fair to make us earn our money". every single thing in the wild was put there because people like you thought that if they added one more thing the wild would be filled with people. it has always failed.

The percentage of people that go to the wild to skill hasn't changed since the game started, no matter what was added.

Every even heard of runescape old school? over a third of the updates for the past 3 years have been for pvp, AND NOT ONE DID WHAT PKERS WANTED.

You and other pkers are constantly here demanding more and more things be added to the wild to push non pkers into the wild and it is CONSTANTLY failing. IF they had ever succeeded, the wild would be so full you would be here complaining its impossible to find an open space for pking.

40% of the game includes pkers and anti pkers that want to have skilling things in the wild to do while they are waiting for pkers. yet all of those places are empty.

I have never heard anyone complain that its impossible to get one of the chin spots because they are all over crowded. not once have I seen people complain that the bosses were all busy, save kbd, but he isn't actually in the wild. I've never seen anyone complain that the runite rocks were over crowded there, but there are complaints about other ones being so. I've never seen anyone complain about being crashed at the gwd inside the wild.

I've seen people complain about the bots in the lower green dragon area, but other than that the only complaints about pkers. Yet every other area has people complaining how overcrowded they are.

All this would do is put one more under utilized mob in the wild and you would be here again demanding more things be added. The wild is already getting crowded with unused skilling areas.

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