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Poll runescape eoc

I think it is safe to say that even a year into the Eoc update there is still a lot of mixed feelings about it. I think the community deserves a simple yes or no poll to the Eoc. Some of you reading might say its been a year let it go, but you should look at it as its been a year lets see how many people support it.

The game was built off of 12 years of development and hard work and changing the combat system to the Eoc DOES NOT fit the game. The concept of much of the game is gone, tons of dead content, and a huge up of the economy.

If the poll would have enough support for pre eoc I think 1 of two things should happen. Pre eoc should be an option for live game or just switch back some how. Or what I believe is a better way is to go back to the old system and make it so new content can stay. I have made a forum post 185-186-98-65180188 is the qfc, about a way to mix the two combats. It would involve going to pre eoc, this would fix all the problems Eoc has made, while keeping abilities that allow you to manipulate combat suck as(Anticipation, provoke, freedom, barricade, and resonance). These are the only abilties that have made content suck as kk and assention dungeon different from any combat we have ever seen in rs. If you think about it, it wouldnt change any of the old game while allow for the post eoc content to stay. Other abilities could be made to make combat more interesting but the idea is it will NOT be nearly as focusing and intensive. My forum post has a lot more detail in it and brings other aspects of Eoc to pre Eoc such as monsters having weaknesses, and the rebalance of the combat triangle.

Please write your opinion and if you would like to see a Eoc poll to see where players stand on the update a year into it. And if you would be willing to try something different from just pre Eoc because I think that system could be perfected in many areas.

Sure there was dead content Pre-Eoc .. but there is way more now.

Almost all mini games have boost fc's now. I used to love doing Barb Assault. Reason why we loved RS Gold back then was because it was chill. Most of the people that use abilities don't even know what they're doing. They just press the icons that light up.

Now with combat, hard hits don't even impress us anymore. Remember when you would hit a 40+ & be excited? - Not knowing what your next hit would be was the true thrill. EoC made shields useless. I still don't see a balance in combat.. Mage & Melee are still the superior forms of combat. There's a wand that costs over 2b & how much is the orb? over 600m? C'mon ...

The whole "accuracy" system definitely made our stats seem useless. I wont even go on & on about it. One thing though .. It's annoying when people say "go to 07". Why in the hell would I want to spend another few yrs of my life .. getting levels I already have?

Jagex, you make polls for things like prestige mode & free trade .. how about making a poll for idk .. maybe changing the combat system & how equipment has been workin for 12+ yrs?!

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