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Please do not release Bank Bidders

"It goes against the principle of your rule..." which it does in my opinion. If Jagex doesn't want in-game "games of chance" run by players because it could put certain players at an advantage/disadvantage or be unfair then it wouldn't be right for them to do it either. Bank bidders in nature is self-defeating of their anti game of chance policy in general, which is what I was driving at.

I also don't think it's right to release items from old banned accounts. Jagex worked extremely hard to rid the game of bots and rule-breaking players because they were detrimental to the game's economy and honest players. Now, since they have been banned Jagex thinks it's right to go into those accounts and release their items through a game of chance scheme? No, I think that's ridiculous. The entire thing is shady.

Bank Bidders

I would argue that the style of bidding in Bank Bidders is a game of chance because you do not know exactly what you are getting as a result of your bids. It’s essentially blind bidding. You only know that you are getting the contents of banned accounts. People would be spending money blindly and may not get back anything significant or even break-even. For example, someone might bet 1m and get back only 10k worth of items. On the other hand, there is a chance you could get an expensive item or pool of items worth more than your winning bid. In my opinion, this makes it a game of chance. I think an auction like buying a car would not be considered a game of chance because you actually know the value of the items you will receive as you place your bids. This is different than a regular auction.

I would also argue that Jagex falls within the category of “player” when they are involved in the actual gameplay and not in the business capacity of running their company and developing RuneScape from a purely technical standpoint. Under these circumstances, they would be receiving something direct from bank bidders - removing runescape gold from the game. That makes them a “player" because they have a direct in-game stake in the outcomes of this event. Adding other updates into the game is much different than this.

I believe they should only be exempt from being considered a “player” when they are not in some way shape or form directly involved within the actual gameplay itself, or receiving something in return from the everyday real-life game actions of other players. For example, things like programming the game itself or marketing at their corporate headquarters would not make them players. Once they cross the line from running a company to being involved within the game that makes them players.

Jagex is playing in Bank Bidders but they are not playing as the bidders, they are playing as the auctioneer, and there are no “player run games of chance” allowed. This event would contradict their rules and what they claim to stand for. It would also send a message to the RS community that they are above the rules and policies that apply to us.

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